AJAX Web Development Mega Pack

AJAX Web Development Mega Pack
– AJAX Essential Training | Lynda.com
– AJAX Crash Course by SitePoint
Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, and at its heart is the XMLHTTPRequest object, which is part of the XML DOM (Document Object Model).

The XML (Extensible Markup Language) Document Object Model defines a standard way for accessing and manipulating XML documents. The DOM enables JavaScript to completely access XML or XHTML documents by providing access to the elements which define the structure. The accessibility is possible through a set of intrinsic JavaScript objects that focus on DOM manipulation.It is required to parse the responses that we receive from the server side when we create an XMLHTTPRequest (XHR). As mentioned earlier, the XHR is the core of the Ajax model and without it the model would not exist. This is the piece of the Ajax puzzle that has created the recent buzz because it allows HTTP requests to be made to the server without refreshing the browser.
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