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Berlitz Communicate & Connect Spanish Review

This software is for serious learners who really wants to converse in Spanish. You can print out all the contents- conversation, vocabulary, grammar, test… It even comes with a real electronic Spanish English 2-way dictionary, which is very convenient (the only software with a dictionary as far as I know). You can use the dictionary with any other Spanish learning materials. The vocabulary section is very handy- a real person pronounces the vocabulary with video. The grammar section is extremely good- regular/irregular verbs for each lesson. Even though the speed of the conversation is kind of too fast, and the recording function not as easy to set up (it does come with a trendy microphone), it is the best Spanish learning software so far. I don’t really use the recording function anyway when I practice learning a language- I think it’s a distraction to use the microphone. The fast conversation speed can be mended by the vocabulary section- which is short and easy to follow. Again, this software is for dedicated learners. It really worths your money! Personally, I think it’s a steal.

I had tried «Learn Spanish Now»-conversation,not enough explanation»; «Instant Immersion Spanish»,2 CD version, 1st CD is too easy, 2nd is too hard- no translation; «Let’s Talk Spanish» (like Berlitz Spanish, is by Syracuse Language. They don’t sell it anymore)-good for vocabulary but no conversation. Most other software, when compared with Berlitz Spanish, is only child’s play.

Berlitz Communicate & Connect Spanish Overview

With a wide range of language-learning products now on the market, it may seem hard to choose between them. Here’s one tip: Berlitz Communicate & Connect Spanish is definitely for the serious, adult user. While it does have some language games and gizmos, this program takes dedication and commitment.

Communicate & Connect Spanish is easy to install. You can practically walk away from your computer while it sets itself up. Four CD-ROMs are included with the program, and you will need to keep them handy while you navigate the lessons. The program also installs AT&T Connect and Shockwave along with the language software.

The strongest features of Communicate & Connect Spanish are the lesson plans, which include a lesson book and syllabus. We highly recommend that you read through this material before starting on the program. The included information will give you a head start, which is important, as this program is not conducive to aimless browsing.

Berlitz Communicate & Connect Spanish’s weakest point is the microphone and recording options. Recording your voice is complicated and stilted. It takes some time to learn the rhythm of the program and what you’re supposed to record. While it does include a microphone, it doesn’t assist the user in setting it up. We had to search through the help section to learn that one must go through a setup process. While this may be apparent to an experienced computer microphone user, it’s not so basic to a novice. Also, make sure you have a high-quality sound card for recording your voice, or you will not be pleased with the sound quality.

All in all, Berlitz Communicate & Connect Spanish can be a strong tool in learning a new language. Just make sure you have the time and inclination to dedicate to this program, or you will tire of it quickly. –Kendra Hayden

Berlitz Communicate & Connect Spanish Specifications

Experience the world through personal communication and one-on-one connections using Communicate & Connect Spanish. This program makes use of multimedia technology, so learning Spanish is easy and enjoyable. Multiple learning methods combined with accelerated skill-building techniques are used for an effective and rewarding language-lesson package.

High-tech voice recognition helps guide pronunciation, while voice-mapping technology shows side-by-side images of your voice and a native speaker’s. A headset microphone is included to make the most of these functions. Interactive conversations and role-play videos immerse you in the language and its usage. Culture tips are also provided to prepare you for real-world interactions.

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