Corporations and You: Who’s Who in Open Source – Part 2

International Business Machines, the century old computing company, with a focus on enterprise computing, is a company with many open source projects: Eclipse, the framework, the development of the Linux kernel, which IBM helps with hired programmers to contribute to the Linux kernel, SELinux, Xen, among many other projects, which could not fit here.

IBM first got involved with Linux in 1998, and with Linux, it saw an opportunity to add value to the services it already offered. Since Linux is excellent in scalability, from medium to large scale, IBM began using Linux in its activities.

In 1999, it created the Linux Technology Center, to integrate Linux to the services it was offering, but also to improve the Linux kernel for its products. One result was the release of the Linux kernel for various platforms: x86, mainframe, PowerPC, and more recently the Cell processors (Playstation 3).

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