Wyzo web browser: Web Browser Downloader

if you frequently download a program or download a movie or a video clip of a song you like, you can use the Wyzo web browser was already include download manager and torrent download
Wyzo base on Mozila’s Firefox and have some modification

Some feature of Wyzo Web Browser :

Supercharged Downloads
Your downloads just got quicker! Wyzo incorporates multi-source downloading wherever possible to significantly accelerate your web downloads – supercharge those downloads!

BitTorrent Integration
Downloading BitTorrent files has never been easier – Wyzo lets you browse and download torrents right from within your surfing environment – thats right, no other software required!

Quick Switch Tabs
Quick switching makes it that much easier for you to switch between your active tabs. Now, simply pressing Ctrl+Tab presents you with a highly visual, intuitive tab switching format.

More Secure
Your security is our top priority. Wyzo uses the latest security measures to keep your personal info safe and inform you of malicious websites. Wyzo now also has a private browsing mode for ultimate privacy.

Download Wyzo Web browser

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