Improve Flash performance under Linux

Did you know that the Adobe Flash Player honors a few configuration files on the user’s local file system? There are 2 such files:

mm.cfg : user-local configuration file; lives in user’s home directory on Unix/Linux systems and is largely only useful when using content debugger versions of the Player

mms.cfg : system-wide configuration file, designed to allow administrators to set policy for all users on a system; lives in /etc/adobe on Unix/Linux systems.

There is a lengthy guide available that describes all of the various administration features and what the mms.cfg can do for you.

Open up the terminal Application > Accessories > Terminal and type following command:

Create directory: sudo mkdir /etc/adobe
Create file mms.cfg under directory /etc/adobe and add entry following entry into this file…


Also it may be possible to enable it via the hidden adobe folder inside the home folder, in which case use:

echo OverrideGPUValidation=true >> ~/.adobe/mms.cfg

Please don’t expect the option to be a magical speed boost option for the Flash Player as a whole but surely you should able to feel some improvement in the flash

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